At VOLO we work with universities and companies to help find skilled volunteers for our fantastic charity partners. VOLOers bring skill and dedication to make a real difference and help you achieve your goals.  

You can promote all of your volunteering roles on VOLO to locate, track and connect with top volunteers. Because we know how much is required from both you and your volunteers, we only contact those that we think will be a fit in order to ensure that everyone has a positive experience.

In return, we ask that you provide training and support to help volunteers develop their skills and offer a warm and caring environment for the duration of their time with you. 

Not only will VOLO volunteers share about their experience in working with you to help encourage others to get involved, but as they are professionally focussed, they provide a great stream of future donors.

"VOLO Volunteers are a cut above.

We're so pleased to have found them."

VOLO Partner