Socially responsible training for a more collaborative future

VOLO Group and Amplify Trading have teamed up to offer an immersive learning experience to help develop more effective financial talent.

Our Ethical Finance course is designed to give participants a deeper understanding of themselves and the financial markets through combined lecture, live trading simulation and personal reflective development.


Provide your students, apprentices, trainees or future hires with an unparalleled experience that will help them to hit the ground running from the first day on the job.

Engage your top performers through a leadership programme that creates impact. 


VOLO's unique approach can help develop better leaders throughout your organisation. Help employees gain key leadership skills by supporting university students to be effective in their volunteering roles. 


Create leaders that are more inclusive, inspiring and engaged, whilst pipelining and developing great future talent for your company.  

Effective communication is key to a productive organisation.


Our trainers can help equip employees with a variety of tools to enhance communication and collaboration across your organisation. 


Following our training, employees can put their newly acquired skills to practice through volunteering in the local community through roles that enhance their learning and skill sets.